Release early and often

We were tasked to read this github page at: where the tos team has been working semi-actively to publish a book on Teaching Open Source. Besides the useful information on how to contribute to actual open source projects and understanding how to work with such diverse communities, this repository provides users to be able to understand the process that goes into contributing to an open source project that is massive.

The repository itself is broken, or at least the links are broken which makes it very difficult to browse the repository due to the overhead of actually having to work through the file directory to find the readings needed. Maybe if they could improve and update their repository would be very helpful. The repository claims that:

Much of the content around what open source is and how it is done, already exists. Instead of rehashing all of this information, this project will act as a focal, curated, and organized location that links off to other expert resources. At the same time, it has the flexibility to house teaching-specific resources not found elsewhere. It will establish what is important around open source, what the key topics are, where you can go to learn about these topics, and then dive into real-world teacher/classroom exercises, tools, best practices and grading rubrics.

The intention of the repository is clear but the execution is not, many links are broken and make it more difficult for the users to migrate through the repository to discover things important to their criteria.

Unfortunately, after going through the repository I did not find much insights out of it and feel like it is overdue on a major update.


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