Poster Child

We had to attend and present at the School of Sciences and Mathematics research poster session. We presented our Jupyter Notebook project that we have contributed to over the semester. I did not have the opportunity to visit the session when it begin at 11:30 on the 12th of April due to having another class conflicting with the time. When I did get there I was presented with a poster done by my friend and he gave me a brief presentation about his biochemistry related poster dealing with some enzymes that could react with bacterial cells. When I got to my poster on the third floor where all the computer science students were presenting their semester’s worth of work to the audience. Unfortunately, when I got there at 12:40pm most of the attendance had disappeared. Due to this fact only two people came up to our poster to check out the work that we have put into this project.

Besides the opportunity to present my work to an unknown audience I learned how to interact with people who may not be technologically inclined. I feel like this will help me present my future work to an unknown, diverse audience. I appreciated the experience.


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