Chapter 9

This chapter from the Software Development: An Open Source Approach discusses User Support. Technical writing is one of the first things mentioned in the chapter that sets the medium of good quality writing. Specifically using technical writing for user documentation, the chapter suggested a few elements of presentation: organization, illustrations, style, and tone. Furthermore, “knowing […]

Chapter 8

This chapter in the Software Development An Open Source Approach discusses about User Interface. In software development the user interface is how the user interacts with the software. A good user interface usually will be measured on the interfaces completeness, language, navigability, simplicity, feedback and recovery, data integrity, client-server integrity, security and finally documentation. These […]

Chapter 7

This chapter is from the Software Development and Open Source Approach, and it discusses Database modules. The chapter suggests that database tables should be designed in a way that facilitates concurrent access by many clients and ensures database security; Strategies for effective design and refactoring are guided by the principle of database normalization. Database security […]

Chapter 6

We were tasked to do exercises 6.1 to 6.4 from chapter 6. 6.1 function get_employer ( ) { return $this->employer; } function set_employer ($new_employer) { $this->employer = $new_employer; } function get_contact_person(){ return $this->contact_person; } function set_contact_person($person){ $this->contact_person = $person; } function set_contact_phone($phone_number){ $this->contact_phone = $phone_number; } function get_contact_phone(){ return $this->contact_phone; } 6.2 function __construct ($f […]

Virtually OpenSource 101

OpenSource 101 is a conference held in Columbia, SC every year for developers, technologists, and decision makers. Usually held in the month of April, it consists of many speakers taking turns speaking about a wide variety of topics. The speakers range from developers working for software giants such as Paypal, The Walt Disney Company, IBM, […]

Release early and often

We were tasked to read this github page at:¬† where the tos team has been working semi-actively to publish a book on Teaching Open Source. Besides the useful information on how to contribute to actual open source projects and understanding how to work with such diverse communities, this repository provides users to be able to […]

Poster Child

We had to attend and present at the School of Sciences and Mathematics research poster session. We presented our Jupyter Notebook project that we have contributed to over the semester. I did not have the opportunity to visit the session when it begin at 11:30 on the 12th of April due to having another class […]

Reflections on my progress and plans

Jupyter Notebook has been a real experience in terms of what it takes to contribute to a large scale project. Our progress has been steady where we have successfully made two pull requests and are currently working on the third issue. In this project, our team has so far abandoned one issue due to failure […]

That could be in x years!

I was required to attend a Symposium for the computer science department. It was essentially a “meeting” where alums from the College of Charleston give students insights on what steps we can take to be successful after we end up graduating with our Computer Science degrees. There were around a few alums visiting this year […]